Thursday, December 02, 2010

From the ugly duckling to the light at the end of the tunnel

Well, I always considered myself the ugly duckling: no artistic talent, no perfect look, no dreams to reach stardom... But I had to go to University so that I can earn my living. And I followed some divine intuition of mine and of a very wise friend of mine (whom I'll always thank for that) and here I am, 10 years and something later, loving my job and looking forward for my next step.

It wasn't easy, you know. My first salary ever was 20 EUR and I was happy because I could have a mobile phone of my own (bear with me, we are talking 1999 here :) ). My first salary in the communication industry was little below 100 EUR and I still have the necklace I bought from my first paycheck. Now I earn enough to pay my rent and expenses, care for my cat, see a good movie every now and then and buy myself the books I love (not all at once, but still :) ).

I had my fears, failures, dissapointments and draw-backs. I faced humiliation for things I didn't do. I had my years of huge lack of self-confidence. I won clients hard to work with, I lost clients I loved dearly. But I kept curiosity, passion, patience and strong will in my cook book. And, although I still have a long way until the big, tasty cake with a cherry on top is ready :), I think I will make it.

I am not giving advice here(although I have a strong teaching gene in my DNA :) ). I just wanted to speak about the most important lesson I've learned from what I've lived so far: that we have to work on building ourselves in order to become the kind of star that suits us and puts us in the light we deserve.

Well, if you wonder what the heck got into me to write this post, here is the inspiration :)