Friday, December 25, 2009

Cum mi-am petrecut Ajunul

..(re)invatand lucruri noi si bune. De la ai mei - faptul ca, cu bune si cu rele, sunt ai mei si o sa-i iubesc pana la capatul zilelor in toata imperfectiunea lor, ca din ea m-am nascut. de la Ion Barladeanu - faptul ca un pic de smerenie iti ajuta ochiul sa vada frumosul si intelesul in oamenii si in lumea din jur. Sa vedeti filmul "Lumea vazuta de Ion B." si sa cititi pe HotNews un interviu revelator.

Sarbatori linistite! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dupa 20 de ani...

...unul dintre cele mai importante website-uri de stiri din Romania are, alternativ, articole despre Revolutia/Lovitura de Stat din Decembrie 1989 si despre audierile pentru noul Guvern din decembrie 2009...

"Toate-s vechi si noua toate./De te-ndeamna, de te cheama/Tu ramai la toate rece"...(Eminescu, saracu')

Saturday, December 19, 2009

19th of December resolution

In fact, it should have been 18th..anyway, I made a promise to myself to manage my dedication at work with a clear mind, not with the despair of too responsible a person.

or maybe it's just what my sister always says, that every single frustration needs to be taken out of one's chest once in a while...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"..pentru ca stiu ca merita."

Victor Rebengiuc, intr-un interviu luat de Oana Pulpa pentru Money Express:

"Atunci cand voi ajunge sa rezolv perfect un rol de la inceput pana la sfarsit, voi fi si eu un actor mare. Dar nu cred sa apuc vremea aia, desi incerc mereu, pentru ca stiu ca merita."

Puneti in locul meseriei oricare alta meserie si in locul rolului orice status profesional va doriti sa atingeti. Va fi la fel de valabil.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Athens in December

There were a few interesting things I have learned about life and me during my trip to Athens:

1. There are people so amazing as hosts that the thought of becoming their permanent guest becomes irresistible

2. Peace of mind is not connected to the Blackberry :)

3. Ancient Greeks had a thing for building in the highest places they could get; is this because they knew how to put things into perspective?!

4. The mind needs positive energy in order to function properly; where to find positive energy?! Try Poseidon's Temple in Sounio. 60 km of coastal road from Athens. A wonder of the world.

5. If I would ever get so upset on people or things in life, Athens is there to remind me why this world is the best choice we have.