Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This post should have been about my resolutions for 2011...

...but I am not sure I will manage to put together such a thing. Here's why.

First of all, I thought about telling you that my resolution for 2011 was inspired by 2010 and was all about continuing to face my deepest fears, both personal and professional. But I thought this would show a serious lack of originality, since everybody should (at least try to) do that in order to become a better person/professional.

Second of all, I thought about setting a strong professional resolution and research for the answer to the question "How come PR is now equal to marketing? (or at least this is what many of very recent professional books say so). What about price? What about package? Why don't they qualify for the place on the right of Marketing as Father of all Sales at the business table? Why has PR become such a smartass?". But then I tought I would look too much of a smartass myself trying to go academic on this... and gave up this one too as a resolution. For now.

And here comes the third one: I was reading an interview with a couple of polo trainers for children, in Avantaje magazine. Iulia Becheru, the feminine half of the couple, said: "I know that, when about talented, but poor kids, it is extremely difficult to be able to reach true performance, and it's such a pity people don't think of helping them. It is indeed a true fight to start swimming when you barely have the money for equipment, pool access and training, to struggle to become successful in such an amazing and healthy sport, but one that Romanians barely notice. In time, we developed very good teaching methods, which, combined with our vocation, help us guide the chlidren we train through several stages: from getting used to the water and movement coordination to the psychological and physical balance and group integration through socializing.And now we are growing more and more happy with each competition our kids go to, with every medal they win."

And here it struck me (even more so since I didn't practise any sport while I was a kid... very bad mistake, very bad...): it's the same with my job (and I really started from the very bottom, not knowing anybody and not having much), and I bet it's the same with many other people and many other jobs. Stages to sucess, to performance. Getting used to the environment, learning movement coordination... Aiming to win through hard work and trainers with their heart out there to help you. Balance, balance, balance.

I am working on my balance several years now. I have also won some medals. Nothing olympic yet, but hey, I'm still young :) and I am still in training. So, how about setting myself an even better balance for a resolution? :)