Monday, December 07, 2009

Athens in December

There were a few interesting things I have learned about life and me during my trip to Athens:

1. There are people so amazing as hosts that the thought of becoming their permanent guest becomes irresistible

2. Peace of mind is not connected to the Blackberry :)

3. Ancient Greeks had a thing for building in the highest places they could get; is this because they knew how to put things into perspective?!

4. The mind needs positive energy in order to function properly; where to find positive energy?! Try Poseidon's Temple in Sounio. 60 km of coastal road from Athens. A wonder of the world.

5. If I would ever get so upset on people or things in life, Athens is there to remind me why this world is the best choice we have.

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Anca said...

i didn't know you liked it so much :)