Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An honest interview with myself

I took Dragos Roua's advice and asked myself the infamous 33 questions :) Here I am:

1. What Do You Do For A Living?

I am a communication consultant.

2. Who Do You Love?

Many people, though not so many as you might imagine :) and my cat.

3. Do You Have Enough Money?

I have enough to live a decent life.

4. Are You Healthy?


5. Do You Think You Are a Good Person?

Sometimes I am a good person. Sometimes I am not.

6. How Old Are You?

My ID says (almost) 31. As about the age I feel, it's weird. From some points of view I feel older. From others, I feel younger.

7. Who’s Your Best Friend?

My sister.

8. What’s Your Childhood Dream?

Amazingly enough, I don't have a Childhood Dream. I was raised with the idea that if I want something in life, I have to work for it, because there is nobody to give anything to me for free.

9. How Often Do You Laugh?

Not often enough.

10. What Makes You Smile?

Here they are, in random order: Kind people. Old people walking in the park hand in hand. Young men hurrying to meet their date with a flower in their hand. Children asking "why?" questions. Kittens. Flowers. Clouds on a sunny day at the seaside. Pictures. New books. Old acquaintances remembering my birthday. Memories of good moments in my life.

11. Who’s Your Most Dangerous Enemy?

Myself :)

12. Where Do You Live?

In a rented studio. My books and the cat makes the place "home".

13. Do You Think You’re Strong?

Yes, and it's a matter of mind and will combined.

14. What Was The Most Important Thing You’ve Done So Far?

Make something that seemed impossible become possible.

15. What Was The Most Stupid Thing You’ve Done So Far?

Fear of failure, of making mistakes. Most stupid thing ever.

16. Do You Love Yourself?

Let's say I like myself a lot :)

17. What Do You Fear The Most?

To look straight down from the top of a very high building or bridge.

18. What Is Your Favorite Word?

"Foarte tare!" (in English might be "Cool!")

19. When Was The Last Time You Cried?

When I failed big and felt powerless.

20. What Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To You Right Now?

(to be filled in later)

21. What Is The Worst Thing That Could Happen To You Right Now?

(to be filled in later)

22. Picture Yourself In 5 Years From Now

Cannot do that. I like to discover the path as I walk.

23. Do You Regret Anything?

Taking a much too long time before making some important decisions in my life.

24. What’s The First Thing You Do In The Morning?

Get out of bed and look out on the window.

25. What Are You Thinking Just Before Going To Bed?

Actually, I don't :) I have this particular characteristic of falling asleep instantly.

26. What Was The Highest Point You’ve Ever Been To?

A peak of a mountain.

27. If There’s One Thing In Your Life You Want To Change Right Now, What Is It?

To be more daring.

28. What Are You Proud Of?

My career so far. But there's even more ahead of me :)

29. Sum Up Your Life In One Sentence

Feed the brain, discover the road and share the knowledge.

30. Name The Thing That Annoys You The Most

Friends too selfish to listen.

31. What Is Your No 1 Question To God?

I have none :) and if by any chance there is some question in the back of my mind I didn't write here, God will show me the answer at the right time :)

32. Do You Have Secrets?

I wouldn't call them "secrets", but rather locked drawers inside myself. They exist, I can feel the lock, they're safe, but they stay back there.

33. What Makes You Laugh?

The laugh of one of my colleagues :) It's absolutely inspiring :)

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