Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Mischa Maisky or how to put passion in what you do

Thanks to my dear friend Daria, I had excellent seats to the concert Mischa Maisky and his daughter Lily presented to the Romanian public at the end of October at the Athenaeum.

People say that he is one of the most eccentric cello players in the world - looking on the stage, all I could see from the second row was passion. Nothing else. He put all the passion a human being can have in every single note he played.

And this made me think: am I as passionate about my work as this man is passionate about the music he plays? Do people I interact with feel the same about me and my work as I felt coming from that stage, that night?

The comparison might sound a bit dispropportionate. But the answer we give to ourselves might shed some light over the life we live today and what we want for ourselves starting with tomorrow.


Nicole said...

Sometimes I wonder if we put the same passion in our lives. And if we care so much.

Alex Morega said...

This is very much like programming. You can indeed put a lot of passion into crafting useful, meaningful programs, but most of the time there's a boss breathing down your neck to hurry up. Too bad we don't get to perform on stage. :)