Friday, October 15, 2010

TEDx Bucharest - Things that make me think twice if what I've known about myself is actually true

1. One can choose to live his/her own life or let life live him/her (Oana Pellea)

2. One can look at the world through the eyes or through the mind (Adrian Bejan)

3. One can curl back to bed in a cold winter day... or get up and go run the North Pole Marathon (Andrei Rosu)

4. One can invent the device of the future or re-invent the mechanism of learning through helping the others learn (Arnoud Raskin)

5. One can be unhappy by expecting the world from oneself or lower expectations in order to get the most out of life (Eric Weiner)

6. One can skydive for the thrill of it or skydive to help communities without access to communication means (Roland Hermann)

7. One can go with the flow or stop and get acquainted to one's self (Oana Pellea)

... and these are just a few things that made me lower my head and promise myself that next time I'll think again before saying "I cannot do it".

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